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South American chic – ‘James Boyd Niven: Interior Design’ by James Boyd Niven and Diego A. Flores

Dear readers, not sure if it’s the back-to-school phenomenon, it’s how thrilling to realize how many beautiful books are published and releasing in the bookstore recently! In particular those impeccably printed coffee table books, if you are one of those coffee table book collector and connoisseur out there like I am, walking into our beloved bookstore in September is just like a child entering into a toy or candy shop! Among all the new coffee table books that released lately, I have an eye on a couple of books, for starter, also coincide with the upcoming Design Anthology Awards 2023, let’s take a look with the beautiful copy of British-Argentinian interior designer’s new book - ‘James Boyd Niven: Interior Design’.

Published by Rizzoli USA, written by the interior designer, Mr. James Boyd Niven, himself and, Mr. Diego A. Flores, an Uruguayan curator as well as a respected writer in the interior designer and architecture sector, this is the first book by James that showcased a series of his iconic interior design work, from the designer’s own 12-room house in Buenos Aires, to the interior project of those farmhouses that he has done in Argentina and Uruguay, and the 100-room luxury hotel that he recently designed in Montevideo.

The book consists of five chapters, which divided by theme and geographical location, taking readers to experience the aesthetic and taste of this interior designer, through the lens of his vision on how to put together with the color and materials into one space, and his choice of selecting distinctive furniture pieces and decorative art objects.

As an inveterate traveler who has lived in Europe and New York, and his background of studied fashion, architecture and photography, the interior design work by James is pretty much eclectic chic in my opinion, his intelligence of creating a new kind of contemporary luxe and easy-going interior is literally intriguing, making it stylish, livable, yet having a sort of new southern American chic and luxury-tropical-forest-resort feel to it, whether it’s the tastefully made wooden dining chairs juxtaposing with the dark wooden flooring and the exotic decorative objects, or a soft, muted color upholstered sofa harmoniously blend into a sleek black and beige colored interior with marble or pine wood flooring, each project is stylishly unique without being excessively extravagant nor overdone.

After the sneak peak, do share your thoughts about the work and style by this British-Argentinian interior designer, and how does it inspire you to decorate your own home.

Image courtesy of Rizzoli USA.


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