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Ultimate elegance - ‘Château de Haroué: The Home of the Princes de Beauvau-Craon’

Red is the color that represents provocation, enticement, and malice, and it also represents allure, romance and eagerness; normally, this provocative color isn’t really my top-pick when it comes to refined menswear, or any artistic aspect of my personal style, but somehow I do have a change of mind in recent months, perhaps it derives from the prosperity vibe of the upcoming Lunar New Year, or the Valentine’s day, but the Bordeaux red of the sumptuous coffee table book cover titled ‘Château de Haroué: The Home of the Princes de Beauvau-Craon’ did win my heart when I passed by my beloved bookstore over the weekend recently.

Published by Rizzoli back in September 2021, I was instantly attracted by the old world French splendor and nobility style that beautifully printed on the book cover; Written by Ms. Victoria Botana de Beauvau-Craon, the family Château’s decendent and socialite in Parisian society, and photographs taken by Mr. Miguel Flores-Vianna, who’s work has been shown frequently in Architectural Digest magazine, this book takes the reader to visit this magnificent Château that built for Marc de Beauvau, Prince de Beauvau-Craon, constable of Lorraine and viceroy of Tuscany, by going through each chapter, one can visually visit the impressive interior from the architectural detail, to the sumptuously furnished interior design from each room of this stately home, an ultimate visual pleasure of experiencing the quintessential French nobility style, and the art of living of this French noble family.

Located in the Lorraine region of northeastern France, Château de Haroué is like a hidden gem that still upholds the splendor and elegance of the traditional French noble style, currently still manages by the family today, by flipping the pages, it literally evokes my craving about French castle and the details inside each of the salon. For Château de Haroué in particular, the deep wooden and high ceiling stately room, furnished with the reddish tapestry, upholstery and exquisite furniture in 18th century style is undeniably beautiful and nostalgic; I particularly like the ‘Salon Pillement’ in the Pillement tower, the Chinoiserie-decorated room in the Rococo style and palette, the calming pastel blue with the gilded frame, and the elegantly set table in exquisite glassware with the luxurious detailed chandelier, which reflects the elegant life of Marie Françoise Catherine de Beauvau-Craon (later as Marquise de Boufflers) back in her time. Apart from the bygone splendor of the 18th century, the book also captured the homey side of this castle, that shows how the French noble style can be so close to us even without being there, just take a closer look of the harmonious detail that the family put in, and their way of preserving this legacy and its artistry, if I could have a chance to revisit France again, I can possibly say that visiting Château de Haroué should be included in my ‘to do’ list.

With foreword by one of my favorite French interior designer, Jean-Louis Deniot, ‘Château de Haroué: The Home of the Princes de Beauvau-Craon’ is possibly one of the most beautiful coffee table book that I came across in recent months; if red is the color that represents allure and romance, I guess the Bordeaux red from Château de Haroué will represent French nobility elegance and immortality.


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