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Understated elegance - Olfactif Paris

Dear readers, entering September it’s time to switch our mood to the Fall season, besides refreshing our wardrobe with some Fall clothing in a medium-weight fabric jacket and soft cashmere sweater, why not turn your comfortable and stylish living space into a cozy and sumptuous Fall-season ambient as well? It doesn’t necessarily mean refurnishing your space with lavish home textile or high-price-tag objets d’Art or even master painting, a comforting and luxurious scent can always be the best way to start to create a seasonal ambient; I recently discovered a the new Parisian luxury home candle brand, Olfactif Paris, they create some of the most exceptional and artistic home candles that not only give an euphoric beauty to one’s interior, but also act as a piece of sophisticated decorative art that compliments your stylish interior.

Founded by Ms. Elisabeth Koskas and Ms. Alexia Capron, Olfactif Paris represents the understated beauty of combining well-being with astrology, the art of candle making as well as contemporary design, each of their luxury home candles is topped with an ornamental lid, which symbolizes one of the four elements – fire, earth, air and water - associated with the sign of the zodiac, along with the sophisticated round container that is handmade with glazed recycled ceramic clay. The entire production process – from modeling, slip casting to glazing – is performed by experts, which makes it a beautiful piece of decorative art.

The candle itself is made with 100% vegan wax which was developed and formulated in the province of Valencia in Spain, containing a blend of soy and coconut oil that is fully biodegradable without producing any soot. As for the fragrances, they were created in Grasse, the world capital of perfume in France, by master perfumers Ms. Karine Boudot and Mr. Emmanuel Philip, using superior ingredients while keeping the bespoke perfumery tradition that creates the exceptional scents that compliments the design of the candle container as well as the brand’s aesthetic.

To create a comforting and stylish Fall ambient, both ‘Tuberose’ (represents the zodiac sign of ‘Scorpio’) and ‘Log Fire’ (represents the zodiac sign of ‘Capricorn’) enable one to explore the serene and liberating Fall season mood through their unique and luxurious scent. ‘Tuberose’ offers a sensual and enigmatic floral fantasy with the alluring fragrance from Tuberose petals, a hint of Jasmine and honeyed Vanilla, which creates a velvety and euphoric ambient that resembles a typical ‘Scorpio’ zodiac personality: enigmatic, strong and intuitive; charismatic and sometimes pretty understated.

While for ‘Log Fire’, this candle offers a rather masculine flair with a comforting blend of Guaiac wood, Cade oil and Sandalwood, just like if one is sitting beside a smoldering log fire. The intense woody scent which seemingly reflects the character of the zodiac of ‘Capricorn’: loyal and faithful, confident and determined, a go-getter and self-driven person which exudes their unapologetic charm, that compliments the warm and cozy Fall season atmosphere.

No matter which zodiac sign you are, ‘Scorpio’, ‘Capricorn’ or not, after all, it’s all about marking the beginning of a new season, and embracing it with some exquisite scents and understated luxury.

Image courtesy of Olfactif Paris.


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