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Unique layering - N.C.P. Olfactive fragrance, Sweden

Dear readers, sometimes life did throw you something good and unexpected, it happens to me in a post-typhoon weekend which it rained non-stop, on top of that, reading a news about a local businessman who faked about his fortune to get into the Forbes Billionaire List, it’s quite depressing enough that I need to do something that can lift my spirit. Visiting a fashionable neighborhood which I haven’t visit for a long time, somehow I was intrigued by a low-key Swedish fashion and lifestyle store, after putting my umbrella into the bin at the store entrance, I was instantly attracted by a line-up of cylinder shape perfume bottles, its tall, monochromatic color plastic cap, contrasted with the low glass bottle and its golden shining liquid, which looks contemporary and pretty stylish, and that’s how I discovered this Swedish perfume brand – N.C.P. Olfactive.

The name N.C.P. stands for “Now Collective Product”, which founded by four passionate Founders, with the creative drive by Ms. Noomi Rapace, who is the well-known Swedish actress, she is also the Creative Director of the brand, her involvement with each single product of N.C.P. Olfactive is very personal alongside with her fellow co-Founders, the perfume of N.C.P. Olfactive was developed with reputed French perfume house, Givandan, and the French perfumer, Mr. Yann Vasnier, all fragrances by N.C.P. Olfactive represents the expression of one’s individualism – in particular their style, and their way of living, following their own intuition to embark on their creative journey, and living their lives. One of the distinctive characteristic that makes the perfume of N.C.P. Olfactive stands out, is their unique layering concept, which it’s highly encouraged the wearer to mix their perfume to another one, to elevate the whole olfactory experience, also, like wearing different clothes according to different occasions, it also serves the similar purpose that wearing an unique combination of perfume that suits your need and mood. There are three collections in N.C.P. Olfactive’s perfume, which are ‘Seven Facets’, ‘Black Facets’ and ‘Golden Facets’; as I carefully sprayed the fragrance on the blotter and starts to sniff them one by one, I was particularly enchanted by their ‘201 Apple & Driftwood’ and ’706 Saffron & Oud’.

As a refreshing and energizing perfume, ‘201 Apple & Driftwood’ from their ‘Seven Facets’ collection is a pleasant day-time fragrance, suitable for both spring and summer season, the delightful and fruity Apple accord makes one energized and uplifting, with its light fruitiness mingles with the white floral notes and Jasmine, it gives a certain cleanliness, the dry down in both Musk and Green notes gives a polished finishing of the fragrance, it’s crispy, greenery sharpness which echoes the Apple accords in the opening yet giving this fragrance a backbone to it, making it an ideal fragrance for both work and even the leisure time during the weekend.

On the other hand, ‘706 Saffron & Oud’ from their ‘Golden Facets’ collection is a much enigmatic and intense perfume however with a velvety and alluring appeal to it. My first impression is the deep and intense floral woody notes in the beginning, which derives from the combination of the top and middle notes: the floral from both the Saffron and Rose, a sharp woody notes from Cedar, Oud, Sandalwood, and the aromatic accord from Patchouli, then it slowly dries down to the velvety feel from Vanilla, Amber and Musk. This fragrance is definitely for those with a strong character or strong-will, yet, with a kind of understated wit, a person who doesn’t use a lot of words to speak for himself, but letting his charm and scent to seduce one’s mind, with a literary flair, and an old soul with a modern and stylish outlook; for some reason it keeps me thinking of a dapper and suave gentleman, who was reading quietly in his dark Victorian styled library, waiting for his dinner date to arrive before heading out, I can almost smell him with this scent, it’s as classic and elegant as the scent from an old book when one flips through the pages of it. Indeed, it’s an intense fragrance in my opinion, yet it isn’t extremely overwhelming that makes one repels by it, on the other hand, with a bit of intelligent mix with other fragrance from the N.C.P. Olfactive collection, you might be surprise how beautiful the scent can turn out.

As an affordable luxury perfume, N.C.P. Olfactive’s fragrance is undoubtedly understated yet having its modernity, and individualism statement that they intended to tell, just when your mood indicator started to drop, perhaps all you need is a perfume cocktail that lifts your mood with some unexpected freshness and innovation.


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