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When menswear meets art - Berluti Summer 2021 menswear collection

In this ever changing fashion world, the term ‘cross-over’ has become something more essential than ever, especially in recent years, even in the world of high end menswear, style conscious people like us are craving not just a one-note perspective from a single fashion designer or artisan, but a multi-dimensional sensation about a beautiful collection, coming from two different artistic people with a completely different artistic background, how they interpret and use their talent and aesthetic, to create something more innovative, practical and appealing. For this season, the Creative Director, Kris Van Assche, of the luxury shoemaker & leathergoods house – Berluti, decided to take the luxury menswear into a new era with innovation and creativity, succeeding the capsule collection launched this month with Los Angeles based ceramic artist, Brian Rochefort, to create an astonishing menswear summer collection as their extension which will be launched in May 2021.

Created through a digital effort between the designer’s home in Paris, and Brian Rochefort’s studio in Los Angeles under the pandemic situation, the collection brings back the value of adaptability and essentiality, inspired by volcanoes and exotic plants, Brian Rochefort’s exuberant signature blends intuitively with the augmented natural texture and colour language of Berluti; While from Kris Van Assche, who is a passionate ceramics collector, his vision is continually informed by the textures and colours related to ceramic art, draws natural parallels to the patina methods practised by Berluti’s own artisans in Italy, and converted through prints, knitwear, and leather-work, in bold colors and textures continue to epitomize the graphic character of the collection, also, with an attitude that opens an instinctive door to genderless proposals.

For footwear, shoes embody a conversation between sport and elegance in woven leather treatments exercised in a new take on the Camden derby and boots; as for bags, they are embellished with woven chevrons, while some carry the classic Signature Canvas logo.

A delicate piece of ceramic might seem fragile, however, with this intriguing and artistic chemistry in between these two creative talents, the result is just undeniably modern and possesses a strong character. Do share with us which item(s) from this collection interests you the most for this summer?

Image courtesy of Berluti Hong Kong / Karla Otto Hong Kong


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