Sailing glamour - Sanlorenzo SL86 Hong Kong preview

Dear readers, undoubtedly, the world is circulated by gloomy news lately, either the pandemic outbreak around the world, or city lockdown and stay-home self-isolation exercise from Europe to the American continent, yes we are experiencing one of the challenging moments in history, however, we also need to live life in a more optimistic way with flying colors, cheering each other up with a little of love, caring and sometimes, a little soiree with a very private group of connoisseurs for something about style and art of living; Thankfully, I do have one, especially being invited to join the private preview of the luxury yacht Sanlorenzo SL86, organized by Simpson Marine, which it certainly se

Style legacy – ‘Ralph Lauren: In His Own Fashion’ by Alan Flusser

Dear readers, by the time I was writing this blog, it was a black Friday (not the post-Thanksgiving shopping spree, but literally a 13th on a Friday), reflecting the gloomy and depressing mood around town (or even the world in general), I still have my ‘work’ to do, which one of the priority is to conduct my job search continuously with my best effort, while on the other, is to look for something that can even out the stress and uncertainty that brought along, stumbling into my usual beloved bookstore in the city center, which was surprisingly dead-quiet inside but perfectly understandable by the fear of the Coronavirus pandemic that almost nobody is willing to go out nor shopping, but in th

A journey of artisanship - Hatton Jewellery Institute, Hong Kong

Dear readers, perhaps, some of you might wonder how come I’ve been away for quite some time, and only doing this new post by now? Frankly, as much as I did my best to commit to this blog work of mine, the economic turmoil and the Coronavirus pandemic manic that causes such a profound impact towards my city, for those who was affected, no matter resulting business closure, or, trying hard to do job search after went through the redundancy caused by the budget cuts and plummeting economy, we simply do our very best to keep our life afloat until the storm passes, with our own hands, and that is exactly what was happening to me in the past weeks, as a result of not writing anything (also lookin

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