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Father Pinot – Champagne Drappier

General Charles de Gaulle is the name that everyone can recognize upon your arrival in France, a legendary president of the nation from 60s to 70s also one of the world busiest airport named after him in Paris, but how many of you can associate this legend with fine champagne? In fact, there’s something to trace back starting from a renowned champagne house located in Urville, a beautiful small village located in northeast France, the serene and tranquil heaven where cultivates the divine champagne house - Champagne Drappier.

Founded since 1808, this prestigious champagne house marked their history by settling in the magnificent village, Urville, surrounded by Jurassic-Kimmeridgian Hills, went through the phylloxera and World War II during the 20s, the estate remains entirely family owned and operated even until nowadays. Adjoining the house covers 55 hectares of owned land, with 70% of the total area contributed by Pinot Noir thanks to the geographical advantage - the soil, also, with the history of the family, Mr. Georges Collot, the grandfather of the current head of the house also nicknamed ‘Father Pinot’, believes the supreme quality champagne offers the incomparable finesse only with these grapes, and he became the first gentleman to plant them in the region, as the result, Pinot Noir has become the symbolic grape variety of the domaine. Nowadays, the house Drappier is leaded by Mr. Michel Drappier as the Present Head, continuing such valuable family legacy of fine champagne making, and share their wonderful story to all champagne connoisseurs around the world.

Pursuing of perfection is one of the key of Champagne Drappier, no matter from the harvesting to ageing, each procedure are vigorous and maintaining the tradition spirit from the past, even until today, Mr. André Drappier the Patriarch is always present on an every day basis while the eighth generation is preparing to join the house which remains proud of its independence. Entering the Cistercian cellars of the house is certainly eyes wide open, constructed by Saint Bernard in 1152, the cellar witnessed to a great Cistercian epoch during which champagne wines were served at the court of the French King, a tradition which has been maintained even until today, the Drappier house delivers their precious champagnes to the French presidential residence of the Republic. Barrel has been one of the crucial factor in winemaking, the house has become the only one in Champagne of using the Ovum, a barrique embraces the perfect curves of egg, considered the form sine qua non for the ageing of wine.

Signature champagne from Drappier is extremely tempting, starting from the irresistible and precious ‘Charles de Gaulle’, composed with 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, this signature champagne homage to this legendary president with a story of his discovery of Champagne Drappier in one of his property, the Boiserie in Colombey-les-Deux-Églises, and how much he impressed with the mesmerizing taste: extremely fine nose of citrus fruits, apple and almond, the palette exhibits a remarkable complexity with an airy mousse and light candied notes, ideal as an aperitif, mixed green salad with strips of guinea fowl. While for ‘Blanc de Blancs Signature’, the pleasant nose that fills with white peach, pear with floral notes such as peony, a great representation of elegance and grace, lightly biscuity taste with creamy and supple texture, a seductive champagne that ideally pair with white meats, chilled smoked salmon with citrus fruits, or tagliatelle with scallops.

Having a champagne name after you might be too far away, but as a tasteful fine gent, indulging yourself with a delightful glass of fine champagne is absolutely not sinful at all once in a while, or you might grasp the same kind of mesmerizing experience like the General did, especially having a glass of CDG at your hand to welcome the hot summer season!

Image courtesy of Champagne Drappier, Urville (© Mathieu Drouet)

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