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The magic of Monaco

The first time I visit Monaco feels like a dream, but a hot one, the summer time in French Riviera makes one think of resort and some yachting activities in the refreshing blue Mediterranean sea by day, and the casino royale chic by night having a nice cocktail or champagne at hand; but something intrigues me more is immersing myself in the fairytale story and Hollywood flair that brought by late Princess of Monaco and actress, Grace Kelly. To me, she’s one of the legendary figure that made this southern France city into a charming resort paradise that attracts thousands of elites and tourists each year, someone who looks for some Hollywood glamour and indulgence of course plus some French flair.

While some people were amazed with this trip of mine, however, what they didn’t know is how much effort and research it takes me to work out a perfect itinerary that I want, to reduce some hassle for those who are going to plan their visit there, I am sharing with some of my recommendations here, which I hope that helps.

Day time – wake up early because you don’t want to miss the sun with the first stop taking to the beautiful Port Hercule La Condamine, the iconic place where you can find hundreds of beautiful yachts parked and some smart crew running around to freshen up the boats, if lucky, you might be invited to one of the yachts too! Then of course, the Yacht Club of Monaco, the Landmark of the city designed by world renowned architect Norman Foster, it’s the place for the elites and yacht members to get together, also as a venue of numerous yacht championships throughout the year. Time to fill up your stomach? No problem, a delightful seafood restaurant is just right nearby, Restaurant La Maree at Hotel Port Palace, a perfect place to have a magnificent view of Port Hercule (no complaint especially with the air-condition indoor) and the succulent seafood choices ranging from lobster to fish.

In search with the royal and Hollywood charm? The Prince’s Palace is place that you need to visit, around 15 mins (by bus) from La Condamine takes you to the hill top of the Monaco-Ville, passed through the small alley and experience an old town charm of the city before reaching the end of the road, the palace is just right in front of you with its monarchy flair and magnificence, sunlight reflects on the wide plaza gives another spatial and dignified feel to the palace behind.

Night time – time to chill out and have some Riviera chic and glamour, yes immerse yourself into the stylish crowd by going to the Place du Casino! Café de Paris Monte Carlo always have a perfect spot for you to have some visual delight of the beautiful architecture of the Casino Monte Carlo, and, the luxurious Hotel de Paris before sunset. Indulge yourself with some haute French cuisine to La Salle Empire and terrace, a ideal place for a romantic and stylish dinner and again, the magnificent view of the Place du Casino and the hustle & bustle of the glamorous crowd.

Finally, grab a copy of ‘The Magic of Monaco’ from the souvenir shop behind Café de Paris Monte Carlo, one of the best way to reminiscent after the trip, you never know what magic can Monaco brings you, again.

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