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Fine dining with art and history – Restaurant 1728, Paris

Visiting Paris is a dream, while walking around this beautiful city from the chicest designer boutiques to great museums is always mesmerizing, having a delightful and authentic French cuisine enriches the whole experience to another level, the artistic presentation by talented chefs and the fresh ingredients of their choice, it seems like finding the last piece of puzzle to complete the picture. Looking up a restaurant in Paris is always a challenge, not because it’s difficult but there are too many great options to be honest, but by coincident that I found a place that really caters my requirement: having a delightful meal surrounded by masterpiece of art and beautiful ancient architecture, also, a romantic atmosphere. Hidden in a chic fashion neighborhood in the 8th Arrondissement also close to the Élysée Palace, Restaurant 1728 is the place that can fulfill your fantasy on both French fine dining experience and historic art.

The property, originally the Hotel Mazin La Fayette, was founded by Antoine Mazin, an architect in charge of the Royal Plans under Louis XV in 1728, an affluent family of financial tycoon Marquet de Bourgade then the General Maquis de La Fayatte, the property has been his apartment from 1827 that recorded the glorious days hosting numerous world legends in the past. Currently with the ownership by Mr. Jean-François Chuet, President of the endowment fund the hotel, strives to restore the property back to its glory as part of the heritage preservation project of the City of Paris.

The impeccable journey starts from the entrance at the magnificent La salle d’Armes, greeted by the restaurant director, Ms. Lining Yang, a reception area that filled with artistic Venetian flair, the bust of La Fayette and incredibly beautiful Italian masterpiece paintings, then being escorted to the table in the classic and sumptuous room – Le salon La Fayette, the large living room that reminiscent to 19th century grandeur, the splendid chandelier and surrounded by the master painting, contrasting with the antique furniture and the purple velet dining chairs, the experience is unspeakably surreal that you almost think that you are in a museum.

Either the main course or the dessert, the presentation is impeccable and delicate, just like an artistic creation echoes to the historic master paintings and sculptures in the restaurant. After having the memorable meal, I was very honor to have Jean-François to offer me a private tour to a private dining room located in another building nearby, the room which La Fayatte used to work, the interior including the book cabinet to the delicate tapestry are preserved as they are dated back then, overlooking the courtyard area that makes it a very discreet yet perfect location to enjoy a private fine dining experience.

Those who are interested to take part of the preservation project to maintain this historic and incredible beautiful property, The endowment fund of Mazin La Fayette Hotel 1728 is welcome for contributions from enthusiasts and individual who would like to join force as protecting the historic monuments and property as part of the lovely feature in the city of Paris. (Details from links at the bottom)

After this visit, I am completely convinced that fine dining and masterpiece art can co-exist under the same roof in a sumptuous and approachable way.

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