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Champagne of an elegant dandy – Charles Heidsieck

There’s a saying from Coco Chanel that I found it very amusing and true, she said: ”I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love & when I am not.” this saying is pretty honest and it resonates to me a lot especially when it comes to a delightful evening, either with some great accompanies around or by yourself, a glass of good champagne always evokes some stylish and glamorous momentum. Speaking of style and champagne, the name Charles Heidsieck always pops up in my mind especially related to mens lifestyle and champagne indulgence for some very logical reasons. First of all, the founder himself is a true and passionate dandy, his elegance, charm made him a charismatic gentleman during his time that also pave the way of his success of expanding his champagne as a household across the US, secondly, his strong, visionary character and his passion plus determination on developing a superb quality champagne also made him a phenomenal person in the industry dated back in mid 19th century.

Since the charismatic Charles Heidsieck discovered his true passion in champagne in 1851 and founded his champagne house that bares his name, the young Charles always have a vision, an ambition of bringing the champagne culture across the Atlantic, and eventually, with his effort and of course the irresistible charm and intelligence, the result paid off that caught the attention and adored by the New York society and its business bourgeoisie, then later gained a name called ‘Champagne Charlie’. The impeccable style of the fine gent and the quality of the champagne he created always goes hand in hand, it’s always about the high quality and thriving spirit of perfection, these are the valuable traits that reflected from each drop of the champagne by this elegant gentleman, filled with the confident and vitality yet a harmonious balance with the sophistication and elegance of a gentleman at the same time.

The spirit of Charles Heidsieck has never been forgotten ever since the house was taking over by the Descours family in 2011, and Mr. Cyril le Brun, the Celler Master of the house, striving to preserve and honor the legacy of the champagne dandy has left, especially in developing a superb quality champagne that associate the spirit of the founder, merging his impeccable style and personal character together for connoisseur worldwide that share the same vision and homage the legacy he created.

To experience the elegance and nobility of this champagne house, the Blanc des Millenaires 1995 could be a great option, thanks to the velvety and delicate texture that gives the smoothness and sensuality, this champagne is one of the beautiful creation from the house made from an exclusive selection of Chardonnay, resulting a rich bouquet that offers a delightful dried and candied fruits aroma also a deep, heady notes of beeswax and nougat.

For something more romantic, the Rosé Réserve NV could be up to your craving, not only the appealing palate of the sophisticated powdery pink will instantly grasp your heart, thanks to the subtle blend of 20% of reserve wines, the complexity and elegance at the nose also made this incredible champagne an irresistible one with its richness and warmth tasting notes, think about the home-made strawberry jam mixed with the fruitiness of the peach, mingled with the warm notes of gingerbread and cinnamon, the velvety texture are sensational at the month that makes each sip of this Rosé like recording a romantic moment with your love one in each hug and gentle kisses.

My personal pick would be the exceptional Brut Millésime 2005 vintage, a straightforward yet complex champagne with an appealing deep golden yellow palette, a well balance of firm and gentle character just like the charming Charles Heidsieck himself, derived from the distinctive notes of dried apricots, dates and fig with a creamy texture, thanks to the meticulous selection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay which made this champagne an ideal option for sumptuous dining occasions.

If I have to re-phrase the saying from Coco a little bit with a glass of ‘Champagne Charlie’, I am going to say: ‘I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am a dandy & when I am not.’

Image courtesy of PH-CH Champagnes & Kedington Wines (Far East)

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