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Lunch in modern Parisian chic – Les Bouquinistes, Paris

Walking along the left bank from Musee D’Orsay towards Saint Michel in a sunny day, experiencing one of the most beautiful Paris view by the Seine River along Quai Voltaire to Quai de Conti is absolutely lighthearted and relaxing, not only because of the beautiful art galleries and monuments along the road, but something even more substantial that can ease my stomach after a long walk. Before I started to get by in Paris, looking up for a nice place to eat is quite a headache, because there are so many great restaurants out there and too hard to settle the one for each particular moment, thankfully, for this time, destiny brings me to this French restaurant which later become one of my most memorable restaurant in Paris, unlike any other conventional restaurants in the city, this one has neither any royal grandeur nor intricate historic art details, instead, it’s rather understated yet stylish thanks to its minimal black exterior, not until you made your footstep further inside to Les Bouquinistes, it will bring you to another universe to experience the modern Parisian cuisine with contemporary chic and sophistication.

Situates on Quai des Grands Augustins, this restaurant is another crown jewel by the world renowned chef Mr. Guy Savoy with the menu designed by both himself and the house chef, Mr. Stéphane Perraud. This cozy, easy-going atmosphere that differentiates itself from the other restaurants which run by Guy, makes it an ideal entrance of experiencing the magnificent and sumptuous French cuisine, also, the gastronomic spirit by the master chef. Designed by Architect and designer Mr. Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the minimal yet sublime interior dominates by the luminous white ceiling, the ‘Imprimerie’ room in the further back, plus, the eye-catching and spectacular wine display that made with transparent glasses, reflecting the lights like shining shimmers that added extra glamour and elegance, contrasting with the black furniture, the stylish back-to-back bar, and the inspiring quote on the crispy white wall, such unique touches creates something that filled with modern Parisian glamour, sophistication and French allure all under one roof.

I remember the very first time I went to Les Bouquinistes, I was greeted by their restaurant manager, Mr. Cédric Jossot, his sincere and friendly gesture always impresses me a lot, then having him to guided me to the table that I truly like – a corner table on the left of the entrance, that’s one of the table that allows me to enjoy the most beautiful view by the Seine River, also enable me some tranquility and delightful moment to enjoy my meal.

Of course, the main purpose of the whole experience is to have a taste of the incredible dishes designed by the master chef and the house chef, the menu is just as delightful and easy-going as the restaurant design itself that perfectly embodies the gastronomic spirit of Guy Savoy with beauty and perfection, starting from the sweet potato and marinated lobster to refresh the taste buds over a glass of champagne, then comes with the roasted cod fish with confit potates and fenel in bouillabaisse sauce, a pure classic revisiting dish that expresses the beauty of modern Parisian gastronomy with fresh ingredients and artistic presentation, then wrapping up with the vanilla, pear and caramel ‘vacherin’, the dessert dish that brings the perfect balance of fruitiness and sweetness, giving the day in Paris a delicious and memorable finishing touch.

After this visit, I am truly content to mark my French cuisine experience in another new chapter, and surprisingly happened just by the walk along the Seine River.

Image courtesy of Les Bouquinistes, Paris

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