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Seaside getaway – J.K. Place Capri

Time truly flies that it’s almost about summer time, which also means it’s time to think about your summer vacation plan to reward yourself from the hard work in the past months, one of the perfect way is none other than get away somewhere secluded from the hustling bustling city life, ditching all your devices from work and totally connect yourself with the nature into the ultimate mode of relaxation, sounds like a perfect resort paradise somewhere in Southeast Asia, isn’t it? But this time, we are going to Capri, get ready to immense yourself with the tranquility of mother nature and Italian elegance at the same time, J.K. Place Capri is possibly one of the ideal option for you.

Situated on the island of Capri overlooking the beach of Marina Grande near the Amalfi Coast, this sumptuous hotel is one of the most beautiful hotel renowned with its panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea that connects you back to the greatness of mother nature with a sense of freedom, tranquility and of course, Italian elegance; thanks to its superb location on the Capri cliff-top, which enables guest to experience the breath-taking view that feels like suspended above the azure seascape.

The comfort of feeling at home, surrounded by precious details has been the key philosophy of J.K. Place Capri, the luxury of discreet elegance and guest service has made this incredible hotel where well-being meets luxury-resort getaway with spectacular coastline experience and inspiration, starting with the luxurious Master room, an elegantly furnished room with a private balcony that allows you to embrace the speechlessly magnificent view of the Gulf of Naples, breathe in the fresh oceanic breeze and sweet air that gives you the welcoming hug by the mother nature, why not take this advantage with the beauty of the ambient and start a little bit of meditation to freshen up your day? Echoing the style and the concept of a luxury house, the interior design are derived by the charm of the elements that can be found by the coastline: the light and the color of the sea, spacious where artful revival of the classical style enhanced by the sunny curtain and the luminous crispy white and navy furnishings, bringing the nautical elegant from the breath-taking and borderless Mediterranean sea to your room.

Pamper yourself with the relaxing spa treatment from the hotel should be one of the highlight, especially escaping from your super busy work days. JK Spa looks after the wellbeing of their guests by offering a range of sophisticated treatments, inspired by east and west philosophies to bring harmony to body and mind, which enables you to enjoy a relaxing therapy with a serene and elegant atmosphere.

After the massage, it’s time for dinner, enjoy a savoring Mediterranean menu offered by the in-house restaurant, JKitchen, with the culinary concept of bringing wellness, healthy and fine dining altogether, proposing organic, seasonal and light dishes which carefully preserve the values of the Neapolitan cuisine that personalized by the touch of their in-house chef, bringing your dining experience at the utmost seaside luxury either in their elegant salons or the panoramic deck terrace.

A quiet and spiritual getaway can sometimes be stylish and elegant than you can imagine, with a great balance of harmony and sense of style, starting with making your footstep to Capri first then find out.

Image courtesy of J.K. Place Capri

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