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Dining in style – Rive Gauche Restaurant, Zurich

When I arrived Zurich on a sunny morning, the first thing that comes to my head is an advice from my friend: ‘Don’t forget to try their Fondue!’. Apparently trying local specialties seems like a routine, yet, I pushed my boundary a bit to try something authentic and appeals me more - something that pleased my taste buds and stylish at the same time. Frankly it did challenged me at first since Zurich was not literally a fashion capital, yet, it’s a beautiful city which renowned with their financial establishments and, at certain extend, the beauty industry. After spending a relaxing moment by the beautiful Zürichsee and walking up north along Talstrasse, it eventually lands me to a surprisingly chic restaurant, which turns out, to be the greatest memory on my first day of arrival in Zurich.

I still remember that entering the stunning Rive Gauche Restaurant, the first feeling is like going to an exclusive gentleman’s club, the splendid interior in luxurious dark wood that looks like a private library in a Victorian style mansion. I then proceeded to the reception with a luxe chic bar on my right hand side, a friendly and polished restaurant manager greeted me with a warm and sincere smile, then having him guided me to a very nice table in a private salon.

‘Fine casual dining’ has become a spirit of Rive Gauche Restaurant, however, the ‘casualness’ doesn’t literally means casual at all, instead, every single detail are precisely and delicately arranged, the luxe contemporary atmosphere with a mix of serenity and sophistication, which reflected from a hint of refreshing and crispy greenery glassware and plant décor, the minimalistic furnishing contrast with the dark wood atmosphere, which brings the harmonious, relaxing mood to this cosmopolitan chic and deluxe meeting ground for elites and style-conscious society of the city to gather around, either for a delightful meal or an after-work drink.

Certainly, apart from the ambient, the food itself is the most important after all. The variety from the menu is literally a perfect representation of upscale cuisine of this beautiful city – international, delicate and chic. Thanks to their incredible chef, Mr. Olivier Rais, and his kitchen team, each dishes are prepared with their creativity and devotion with superb and artful presentation, either it’s a meat dish, fish dish, or vegetarian dish, the experience is just memorable, giving each diner an unexpected surprise with their refinement and dedication.

Afterall, having a Fondue doesn’t necessarily a routine dining experience whenever you come to Zurich (or Switzerland), a chic Swiss cuisine can also be as cosmopolitan and with impeccable style as you expected.

Image courtesy of Rive Gauche Restaurant, Zurich

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