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Splendid dinner with Venice – The Dining Room, Aman Venice

Have you ever think of making your big day a memorable one? I possibly believe that buying yourself a special present is certainly something on your to-do list, or get together with some great friends or your significant others; as for me, this year, I decided to do something much extraordinary and memorable, which this magic happened in Venice.

In this beautiful floating city, not only its renowned by its romantic atmosphere, the spectacular historic architecture dated back from Renaissance, and the artistic face masks, Venice is also a city that famous for its luxurious Palazzos, which recorded the bygone glory and splendor of the Venetian noble families that once lived in these magnificent mansions, and some of them becoming a one of the kind museum and even prestigious hotels nowadays. The one glittering gem that caught my attention, is the beautiful Aman Hotel that situated right on the side of the Grand Canal.

With the profound history of this property, not only it was the wedding reception for actor George Clooney, what intrigues me immensely about is the luxurious and delicate interior decorated inside, a 16th century Palace (formerly called Palazzo Papadopoli) that owned by an aristocratic Tiepolo family during the mid 18th century, luxuriously decorated in high Baroque style with gilded walls and spectacular frescoes, a reflection of prestige, splendor and elegance. As currently converted into the luxurious Aman Hotel, the picturesque view from their hotel restaurant – The Dining Room, is one of the ultimate dining experience that becomes the dream place for a perfect romantic dinner. I have been yearning for that for quite some time, and thankfully, I turn this dream of mine into reality by having this experience in person on my big day.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the courteous Restaurant Manager Antonio, who walks me down to the table that I have reserved, the scenerio is absolutely picture-perfect like I saw from a photo: a glamorous and splendor dining hall with a high cellar, gilded wall details echoes the luxurious Venetian glass chandelier and the vintage-like damask curtain, such secluded environment completely separated myself from the hastle-&-bastle of the Saint Marco square, into a pure fine-dining place like a dining with a royalty.

The cuisine is also impeccably prepared and presented, thanks to the renowned chef, Mr. Davide Oldani, interpret the Venetian glamour and gastronomy into the sumptuous dishes with a contemporary twist by using the finest and freshest ingredients, from starter to main course, either the vegetables or seafood, it literally offers the most enjoyable and tasteful experience just as magical as the picturesque view right in front of me.

Perhaps it could be your next plan for your special day, either a birthday or an anniversary, a splendid dinner in Venice will possibly adding much sparkles and magic apart from simply a present for yourself, enjoy.

Image courtesy of Aman Venice

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