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Gourmet magic in Fall holiday – Ritz Paris

Stepping out the front door and sniff the fresh greenery scent from the green pine trees, the intense yet warm fragrance from the cinnamon, it’s time to welcome one of the most significant festive of the year – Christmas. Have you ever think of how you would like to spend your Christmas holiday this year? Getting away to a festive destination? Having a magical and memorable Christmas feast with your love one or family? Then unwrap your Christmas present by the fireplace and offer your love and joy to the one who you spend your holiday with? You can have all these and make it real, as I am going to sparkle some ‘Parisian chic’ on top of this fantasy to make it a more stylish and elegant one this year, by all means, let’s create this Christmas magic of yours in Ritz Hotel Paris.

Since its reopening earlier this year, the prestigious Ritz Paris has offered a refreshing flair for elite jet-setter and style-savvy travelers around the world, to experience a new breathe of Parisian chic, luxury and sophistication in their historic and splendid address, with the first Christmas since the reopening of the hotel, Ritz Paris has created a series of holiday gourmet surprises that enriches your festive experience from day to night. For starter, the Christmas afternoon tea in their Salon Proust could be very tempting especially for those who obsessed with literature and possess a poetic spirit, with the delicate and luxurious pastry created by Chef François Perret, the afternoon tea meets the fashion of Parisian chic and the festive elements in the forms of artisanal and delicious ranges of Christmas cakes and biscuits, imagine the moment of indulging yourself and your love one (or family) in such literary and elegant ambient, immense into the world of the legendary writer Marcel Proust’s, and experience the literal enjoyment of the art of Parisian gourmet, elegance and French Christmas by the cozy and warm fireplace over a cup of warm tea.

When the day enters to the romantic and snowy-white evening, why not let Chef Nicolas Sale to give you multiple surprises with his culinary magic? Starting with the sparkling Christmas Eve dinner at La Table de L’Espadon, a seven-course menu that paired with exceptional wines and champagne for each course, fresh ingredient and the artisanal preparation by the chef, giving you the fairy tale-like evening to unwrap your Christmas holiday.

Why not taking your festive celebration to a new height with a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner as well? The eight-course dinner at La Table de L’Espadon marks the prosperous and beautiful start of the year with the remarkably designed menu by Chef Nicolas, filled with quintessential French gastronomic essence and heritage, either it is the succulent starter from the sea, such as caviar and sea urchin, to the tenderness of roe deer and blue lobster, the beautifully designed menu is going to ignite your New Year’s eve evening into another memorable one.

So, are you ready to create this exceptional art of Parisian Christmas with festive style and refined cuisine?

Image courtesy of Ritz Paris

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