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Enchanted manor – Hotel Le Narcisse Blanc, Paris

Festive season is in the air when approaching towards the end of the year, it was the moment when one thought about how to manage the turkey leftover from the feast after Thanksgiving Day, and now, it’s time to start planning the similar thing for Christmas, but wait a minute, just before you dive into this ‘big project’ to welcome the Santa knocking at your door, why not take a little break? I mean, a little getaway just for yourself? The chilling wind which sweeps into my bedroom in one weekend morning, that kind of chill and tranquility somehow reminds me of a gloomy morning back in Paris months ago, my exhaustion after a visit in a countryside chateau, it makes me think of doing something that can pamper myself in a very relaxing way, and something quintessentially Parisian chic of course. Flipping over my notebook, and look up to a spa hotel that a friend introduced me to go if I have time; a newly furnished, understated luxury boutique hotel that situates in the 7th arrondissement, which offers a sophisticated experience from fine dining to massage treatment for style-savvy travelers. I have no hesitation and decided to go right straight to Hotel Le Narcisse Blanc, to discover the enchantment about this uniquely chic 5-star hotel.

Upon entered the lobby of Hotel Le Narcisse Blanc, one can instantly feel the soothing and understated elegance and grandeur; the clean-line late 19th century French classic meets contemporary Parisian interior, with a welcoming and heavenly-bright lobby, simple and tasteful details which truly reflects the sophistication and sense-of-style of the hotel owner himself. Homage to the charm and allure of Cléo de Mérode, a renowned French ballet dancer during the Belle L’Epoque era, famous by her enchanting and mesmerizing beauty, and being the first photographic ‘It’ girl dated back then, this sumptuous hotel has extracted these intoxicating elements which takes each guest to reminiscent, and even trace back some of the little story and aura of this beautiful and mysterious lady within this luxurious hotel.

Of course, comfort and Parisian glamour is almost a dream for anyone who stays in a Parisian hotel, this sumptuous 5-star hotel indeed brings these key elements into account, and created a luxurious, private and soothing ambient for their style-savvy guests to spend their magical time in this city of light. 30 luxurious bedroom and 7 deluxe suites, designed by Laurent & Laurence alongside with French interior decorators - Thierry martin and Thibaut Fron, having their creative talent and sensitivity of style, which turn this hotel into a sumptuous and modern boudoir, with the stylish furniture and upholstery, the luxurious and alluring touch of velvet, the soft grandeur of duchesse satin and silk faille, along with the clean-line and serene interior in each beautiful bedroom and suites, each room provides a perfect environment for a tranquil, relaxing and quintessential Parisian elegance getaway for the prestigious guests who are discerning with style details and spirituality at the same time.

One of my ‘mission’ to Hotel Le Narcisse Blanc, is to truly experience the most indulging pamper – the relaxing and calming Parisian massage; with the private and discreet spa located in the basement, this luxurious spa provides the best tailor-made massage treatment which perfectly suits for travelers (booking in advance will be highly recommended), who looks for a quick fresh-up before starting a day in the city, the well-trained and attentive masseur, with their professionalism and attentive evaluation with guest, one can always enjoy the utmost comfort and relaxation through the comprehensive massage treatment. In addition, the facilities at the spa also included a sauna, hamman steam room, and, a chic swimming pool, surrounded under a serene, private and chic ambient, one will certainly enjoy this method to get recharged and refreshed.

After the relaxing Parisian massage, it’s time for lunch, to me, here’s my second ‘mission’ - to experience a delicate and delicious French lunch at the chic Restaurant Cléo, anchored by Chef Zachary Gaviller, originally from Canada and worked in some of the top restaurants and talented by his mastery of smoked and dried cuisine, Restaurant Cléo offers a distinctive, approachable contemporary French gastronomic dishes, by using the discreetly selected organic ingredients, and the finest French wine selected by their in-house sommelier, including the one that hailed from the renowned Loire Valley - Château Soucherie (and yes, it is from my previous blog post, and I paired my lunch with the floral-fragrant ‘Rose Pivoine’), moreover, the crispy clean and elegant interior, furnished with the minimalistic yet luxurious upholstery, Parisian chic detailed décor, and, the 5-star hotel customer service with the attentive and well-manner restaurant staff, no matter it’s simply a refreshing lunch upon arriving Paris, business lunch or a romantic and private dinner for you and your love one, one can always feel the stylish gastronomic indulgence at Restaurant Cléo, to experience another kind of Parisian chic, the one that is at-ease with a bit of allure, a bit of mystery, and most of all, a one-of-the-kind relaxation in understated luxury, and the beauty of art of living.

So, are you ready to experience this stylish and enchanting indulgence?

Image courtesy of Hotel Le Narcisse Blanc, Paris.

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