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The magic of pairing – ‘La nuit au Musée Parfum & Chocolat’ by Le Grand Musée du Parfum, Paris

As a style-conscious gent, we all enjoy putting nice things together, a handsome mix-&-match attire, polished and tailored suit pair with a nice pair of leather shoes, a super fine cotton French cuff dress shirt matches with a luxurious silver (or ornated with precious stones) cufflinks and an exquisite hand-made 7-fold silk tie, it’s all about a manner (or hobby for some people) of great pairing, sometimes we also extend such fashion to our way of living too, a beautiful piece of Objet d’Art pair with your newly purchased coffee table, or a glass of vintage champagne that pairs with a sumptuously made French cuisine, even for myself, I had done an exhibition of my vintage collectibles paired with luxury perfume together, pairing two (or sometimes more) beautiful and relevant things together, to enrich the sensational experience on appreciating the art and heritage of artisan creations, are certainly appealing to people who loves beautiful things, and appreciate them in multiple ways, and I guess, that might be the reason why ‘pairing’ has become so popular in recent years. Speaking of ‘pairing’ and perfume, I was recently intrigue by one of the upcoming program, which hosts by Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris, about pairing fine fragrance with chocolate and champagne.

The ‘La nuit au Musée Parfum & Chocolat’ evening event, which will be held on 27th Apr (fri), is a precedent event that organises by this Paris-based perfume museum. With a range of selective premium fragrance, pair with a selection of fine chocolate and champagne with the in-house perfume experts, this special gathering offers a distinctive kind of artisanal experience from taste to olfaction, through the thoughtful and creative method, this delicious evening will take guests to an euphoric journey on discovering the beauty of fine fragrance, its artistry, and the same kind of traits in both the chocolate and champagne, in a way, it’s an evening of celebrating the glory and beauty of the French heritage and savoir-faire.

Either you are solely a pure fine fragrance connoisseur, a fine chocolate or champagne lover, this could possibly be an one-of-the-kind gathering to expand your horizon, and appreciate them all under one roof, in this one and only night, mingling with like-minded guests and share your passion and love about perfume and chocolate.

Apart from cigar and whisky, one can always enjoy a gentleman’s hour over few premium chocolate, a glass of champagne, and a few splash of luxury fragrance. By the way, please don’t forget – book in advance, only limited spots available, cheers!

Selective photo: courtesy of Le Grand Musée du Parfum, Paris

73, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 Paris

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