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Tranquil getaway – Amanoi Vietnam

Since my last visit in Venice, especially, having my birthday dinner in one of my favorite hotel, Aman Venice, which has been a fairy-tale fantasy that I always wanted to turn this dream into reality, and eventually I did; Time did flies that without I realized, it’s been almost 2 years! Given a recent Wellness evening seminar which held in one of the luxury hotel in town weeks ago, and during that event, I met one of the lady who actually worked for that prestigious hotel group, to me, it kind of feels like a little reunion, bringing back some of the impressive memory I had when visiting Aman Venice, and the same time, I learnt about the impressive retreat of the hotel group that recently opened in Vietnam – the Amanoi, which offers another kind of luxury indulgence to travelers that looks for qualitative experience, for both style and well-being.

Overlooking Vinh Hy Bay on Vietnam’s south central coast, this luxurious resort is like a piece a crown jewel that embraced the mother nature and the ultimate experience of relaxed travelling. The resort provided a secluded and tranquil environment with a combination of style and modern facilities, such as the Beach Club and Aman Spa, which sets beside a peaceful lotus lake, enables one to liberate their body and mind to truly enjoy the beauty of the mother nature, the epic relaxation with the utmost privacy and treatment experts, giving one a total detachment from the hectic and stressful work hours, and literally get recharged and re-energized from inside out.

Apart from the comfortable and luxurious suites, for those who also wants to indulge their taste buds, Amanoi also offers an incredible fine dining experience, bringing the fresh ingredients and cooking method, to create a one of the kind authentic Vietnamese and international cuisine for the quality conscious guests, which adds something extra, something stylish on top of the spiritual retreat.

Take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps on one hand, it’s time to give a little reward for yourself, while on the other, to truly live a work-life balance life.

Image courtesy of Amanoi Vietnam.

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