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Luxurious pamper with a twist – Saint James Paris

Dear readers, since we were in the topic of resort and getaway, I simply can’t resist to keep fantasizing about my next visit in Paris again, despite I cannot go back this year due to some unexpected incident happened, but that doesn’t discourage my eagerness of going back, to revisit my Parisian friends and artisans, and, making some new French friends of course. Speaking of new friends, I always enjoy exploring new places, while landing in Paris after the long-haul flight might not be a good idea to just go for sightseeing right the way (although I tended to squeeze my time and kicks off my sightseeing plan right the way most of the time, which some people might say that my itinerary is quite a suicidal one), yet, one can always experience Paris even without going outside to the city just yet, but, within a luxurious and historic hotel. Saint James Paris is one of the ideal hotel that I have been fantasized the whole time, and I am now sharing with you why.

As the former boarding school for close to a century, then turned into a private club for local elites and intellects, Saint James Paris was acquired by the renowned hotelier family, The Bertrand Family, in 1991, and subsequently, underwent a massive makeover and become a luxurious hotel, reopened to welcome the elite and prestigious guests since 2011, the hotelier understands the significance of the preservation of historic artefacts, and, the balance of bringing the modern and luxurious indulgence into this grand mansion, as the result, finding the balance of merging history, artistry and lifestyle travelling into one.

There’s a key element that links these together, and one of it, lands on the hand of the magic hands of Ms. Bambi Sloan, the interior designer who is renowned with her boldness in the use of color and modern bohemian chic, looks after the refurbishment of the hotel, with her sensitivity in style, the audacious choice of details, with a mix of modern bohemian and surrealist themes, which enriches the story of the hotel, giving it more interesting reasons to explore and discover its history behind.

Once checked in at the lobby, one will certainly be amazed by the splendor of the interior, the modernized neo-classical details with its intriguing contrast of black and white from the staircase to the arches, the luxurious and alluring red velvet sofa which completely seduces one to keep up unveiling the ultimate luxury indulgence within this beautiful hotel.

Of course, apart from the grandeur of the welcoming area, one of the most important thing, is staying in a tastefully furbished and comfortable room, stepping in the luxurious rooms in Saint James Paris is like stepping into the modern Parisian aristocrat’s private mansion, thanks to the magic decoration work by Bambi, each room is identical and having their unique character, the ‘crazy chic’ style with a mix of unique upholstery, European furniture, intriguing art pieces, and even the trompe-l’oeil, it’s a true expression of a stylish audacity, the boldness of embracing a mix of color, but also possess a poetic and historic grandeur that coming from the Second Empire style, the modernized neo-classicism, the quintessential French aristocratic and intellectual flair that creates a classic and homey ambient, enables one to experience the heydays of Parisian elegance and contemporary chic at the same time.

One of the things that is noteworthy, is Bambi’s eye on detail with the elements chosen for the hotel, from fabrics, paintings, special adornments and even the Montgolfier balloon pattern being used on the wall, reminiscent to the location of the hotel, which is the first Paris airfield and where the Montgolfier balloons used to depart from, giving a much profound heritage, and in a way, childhood memory for the location which once was.

Feeling exhausted after a long flight? Why not offer yourself some refreshment by having a massage or even a facial in the Guerlain spa? Stocked with the most luxurious skincare collection and perfume from the high reputed French beauty house, adding the relaxed and secluded ambient, plus the soothing treatment performed by the professional therapist which helps to re-energize your jet-lag and fatigue in a few hours.

Wanted to ease your stomach with some top-class French gourmet? Pas de problem! The luxurious Saint James Paris has their own restaurant, which currently oversees by Executive Chef, Mr. Adrien Brunet, who strives to provide one of the most impressive dishes to make each guest to experience the art of Parisian fine-dining, through creating an unforgettable, emotional taste sensation, by selecting the best ingredients, and his vision - not only about the combination of flavors, but also of textures and presentation.

Sometimes, to experience Paris might not necessary starting from going out, but just stay in a stylish and luxurious hotel, something that makes you feel like visiting a ‘Hotel Particulier’ of an elite Parisian friend, even just for one day to re-energize yourself, it’s still an indulging experience.

Image courtesy of Saint James Paris

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