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The magic of Parisian white – Le Dîner en Blanc Paris

Dear readers, being multi-tasking is not easy, yet, I’ve been mastering it for years, in a way it’s good for work but also for personal life, especially, when I was trying to come up with a new social media pics concept for my own fragrance lately, I have to think about something that’s artistic, sophisticated and creative, at the same time, it can be practically executed efficiently and stylishly, just like what I strived to work with this blog of mine; so, with my out-of-the-blue fever about elegant cutlery lately, I decided to pick a very elegant, Italian-made cutlery set, with a very luxurious ivory color resin shaft, simple yet with a little sliver ‘Rococo’ like ornament in the middle, and it turned out, the ensemble setting looks stunning as expected. During the setting for the photo, for some reason it reminds me of the legendary French secret dinner gathering event, Le Dîner en Blanc, which I participated in both 2016 and 2017 respectively, the self-made concept with creativity, team-work as well as individual efforts, it truly brought back a lot of memories which I was moved to have been part of it.

Founded by Mr. ‎François Pasquier in France since 1988, starting with the Frenchman’s idea of dressing all in elegant white attire, prepare your own meal and table decoration, in a secret location which gather with other participants, all dressed in white as well, to enjoy a marvelous and magical evening with style and laughter. This white dinner custom then become so sensational, and eventually, having people from all around the world to involve from west to east. Stepping into 2019, this year will be the 31st edition of Le Dîner en Blanc in Paris (on 6th Jun); in order to pay my tribute to this remarkable dinner event in Paris as well as the French Founder himself, I am sharing some of the snapshots here with my readers about the Dîner en Blanc which I participated in both year 2016 and 2017 in Hong Kong.

Le Dîner en Blanc is more than just a beautiful dinner gathering with a big crowd to have fun, it also requires a lot of effort, thoughts and skills, being multi-tasking, a way to demonstrates one’s spirit over both team-working and individual performance, efficiency, creativity, sensitivity with style and time management. Of course, one of the crucial part of being in this white dinner event, is to find a table partner that shares the same aesthetic, responsibilities and effort to make this work (yes, it takes two to tango apparently). To me, looking for an ideal table partner in the past 2 times was quite a challenge (among other details for preparing this), sometimes I felt like it’s even more intense than looking for a perfect husband; while he should look like a White Knight and Prince Charming, he has to be well-dressed (apparently all in white) and well-perfumed, with classy demeanor and sophisticated taste, with dedication, thoughtfulness and effort to work together on selecting table top decor to actual on-site execution, being resilient to do the work under a hot sunny day and freezing cold weather without being whiny, having extremely good time management to set up the table in the most desirable way that up to the organizer’s standard, then, joining the other table partners around to create part of the story for the event, including the traditional white napkin waving ceremony, and the mini firework waving (in Hong Kong, this was replaced by handy light rod due to fire safety and regulations), which to me, it’s much more meaningful than solely having a dinner in a fancy restaurant, and it’s all worth it to see how the result turns out, with the effort that you’ve put into, with weeks of prior planning, and the sensation on site.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be able to join the one in Paris this time given I have received the ‘Phase I’ invite from Le Dîner en Blanc Paris, as a tribute for this remarkable white dinner event as well as my respect to Mr. Pasquier, this blog is dedicated to the event this year in Paris, and I sincerely wish all the success for all participants and Le Dîner en Blanc Paris on 6th Jun! Making this as another beautiful legacy for this sensational white dinner custom with shining sparkles and magic.

Bon Appétit!

Selected images sourced from online, &, Dîner en Blanc page.

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