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A splendid drink by the Crawley’s - ‘Downton Abbey Cocktail Book’, foreword by Julian Fellowes

Dear readers, I just wondered anyone of you are here is a fan of the hit TV series ‘Downton Abbey’? Which I guess, the latest movie version which released back in October will possibly be in your ‘must-watch’ list, right? Frankly, I did not watch the entire series and all seasons (which I simply watch some from season 1 and the entire season 2, as I don’t want to be heart-broken when watching my beloved character, Matthew Crawley (played by Dan Stevens), with his accident in season 3 and eventually took him away from the show), but apart from that, it’s very fascinating to see the traditional values from the aristocratic family, the Crawley, keeping all the formality from etiquette to the way they dress, the things they said and how they say it, and above all, the bond to keep the family together, with love, connection and even the art of living (yes it’s the Art Deco period when the story took place), everything is so sophisticated, grandiose, and quintessentially British elegance. I guess one of my favorite moment, is the dining and post-dinner drinking scene, with plenty of conversation (and sometimes family issues of course) that all characters are dressing up impeccably with the formal and well-tailored tux, and exuberant and delicate haute couture, and of course, the drinks that were served by the Crawley’s professional family butler. If you are particularly interested about the drinks that were being served? Then I guess I have a very nice recommendation for you here! As I recently came across the latest book titled ‘Downton Abbey Cocktail Book’, published by White Lion Publishing, that was on the bookshelf in one of the bookstore that I passed by in one of the weekend, my eyes was glow instantly and I just couldn’t resist myself to explore more about this beautiful book.

Foreword by Mr. Julian Fellowes, the writer and creator of Downton Abbey, and introduction by Ms. Annie Gray, this book gathered the ultimate recipes collection of the cocktails that spans across the world of Downton, from drawing-room party drinks to downstairs hangover cures and more. The cocktail recipes were organized by chapters, that included: “The library, after-dinner drinks”, “The grounds, refreshing drinks”, “ The great hall, party drinks”, “The drawing room, pre-dinner drinks”, and “The village, everyday drinks”, all cocktail featured in detailed descriptions and instructions, alongside with the sumptuous photos from the TV series, photographed using the original lead crystal used on set, which draws the reader back to the story once again, to experience the connection from the particular cocktail and the scenario for the drink, whether by channelling the verve of Lady Mary, the wit of Violet Crawley or the plain speaking of Mrs. Patmore.

Some of the highlighted cocktail included a Mint Julep, Prince of Wales Punch and Ginger Beer, in addition, this recipe collection also features character-specific twists such as Downton Heir, Turkish Attaché, The Valet and The Chauffeur.

Whether you are thinking of preparing some unique and classy cocktail for your Christmas gathering or New Year count-down, I possibly believe, this exquisite cocktail book will be your great source of inspiration, to recreate the splendid and aristocratic way of enjoying your cocktail hour, with much elegance and style.

I sincerely wish you all, my dear readers, a joyous, stylish, and prosperous year of 2020! Cheers….!

Image courtesy of White Long Publishing, London

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