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A new Balinese retreat - Nirjhara, Bali

Dear readers, not sure if it’s a series of celebrations from Christmas to New Year holiday, or the intensity about the coronavirus situation in town, either way, the point is, the yearning of getting away to a tranquil and serene place for a relaxing escape is in need; I think it’s not a bad idea to recharge one’s battery, both physical and spiritual, especially at the beginning of the year, therefore, when coming across the new luxury Balinese resort, Nirjhara, just opened in early January 2020, it instantly takes my relaxation fantasy into a possible reality.

Located in the secluded suburb on the south-eastern coast of Bali, this luxurious hotel is literally like a hidden gems of resort paradise for one who looks for stylish pampering, spiritual retreat and distinctive experience about Balinese culture. The hotel consists of 25 individual villas, including 8 River Pavilions, 4 River Pool Pavilions, 7 Canopy Suites, 5 Two-Bedroom Pool Villas and The Residence, each of them are designed in a modern and harmonious aesthetic, which intended to bring the authentic Balinese culture, spiritual elements and stylish modernity into the space.

In order to enable guests to experience the island’s unique natural features, the majority of suites are facing the beautiful views of waterfalls, terraced rice paddies and a gentle river. Wellness is the key for staying at Nirjhara, therefore, all facilities equipped in the hotel is holistically linked to the essence of well-being and ultimate relaxation, such as the hotel’s luxury spa, The Retreat, which designed as a haven of relaxation that draws inspiration from Bali’s rich tradition of village healers, to offer a menu of unique Blessings (spa treatments).

If you are a yogi, The Shala, a riverside yoga pavilion, might be something that will evoke the spiritual yet active side of you, overlooking Nirjhara’s stunning waterfall and designed by award-winning green architects, Ibuku, this yoga pavilion becomes the perfect place to allow one to stretch their muscles calmly and peacefully, at the same time, engaging in true relaxation through schedule of complimentary classes guided by local experts, with a breath-taking atmosphere surrounded by the mother nature.

One other thing that is noteworthy, especially for foodies, is the cuisine, the hotel offers the wellness experience barely through the atmosphere and the facilities, the food that offers is also very thoughtful and align to the key essence of the hotel. The main restaurant, Ambu, provides each guest not only a delicious local specialty meal, but a very significant way of living our life which most of us almost neglected, especially for those who lives in the fast-paced modern world; as part of its slow food approach to dining, the restaurant sources the most of its ingredients from the property’s own vegetable and herb garden, as well as local farms from the neighboring villages, aiming to homage to the art-of-living of the native Balinese, and offering the most nutritious, fresh and authentic cuisine, present it in an artistic way, a literal 360-degree wellness journey from style to serenity, and from the body to the soul.

Besides stocking your wardrobe with some brand new fine clothing for the new year, a refreshing and relaxing getaway could also be energizing and rewarding too, especially clearing up one’s mind before getting back to the work desk, embracing a new start of the year.

Image courtesy of Nirjhara, Bali

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