A splendid drink by the Crawley’s - ‘Downton Abbey Cocktail Book’, foreword by Julian Fellowes

Dear readers, I just wondered anyone of you are here is a fan of the hit TV series ‘Downton Abbey’? Which I guess, the latest movie version which released back in October will possibly be in your ‘must-watch’ list, right? Frankly, I did not watch the entire series and all seasons (which I simply watch some from season 1 and the entire season 2, as I don’t want to be heart-broken when watching my beloved character, Matthew Crawley (played by Dan Stevens), with his accident in season 3 and eventually took him away from the show), but apart from that, it’s very fascinating to see the traditional values from the aristocratic family, the Crawley, keeping all the formality from etiquette to the

Festive elegance - Rachel Bates x Champagne Laurent-Perrier crystal glassware set

One thing that I have to admit, is that my color preference is relatively conservative at some point, and a vivid red color is not usually my top pick in any form of object, from menswear to decoration, but for some reason, in particular at the end of this year, I have a 180-degree changes about red, and I started to be seduced by it, no matter it’s the alluring Bordeaux red, to the deep cherry red from my crewneck cashmere sweater, red is simply a color of vibrancy, festivity and uplifting. Perhaps due to my recent work (both day job and my side project) that I have constantly involved around with the glittering Christmas red (and gold) decorations in the lifestyle photo-shooting projects,

Revival of olfactory beauty - Parfums Volnay, France

Dear readers, after attending an evening lecture recently about French high jewelry making and the art of French savoir-faire, it suddenly evokes me something about the beauty of French know-how for the festive season. Just when we are getting our finest tailoring outfit and accessories ready, a splash of elegant fragrance is just as necessary as the thoughtful assemble that you put together, or be more specific, a splash of French elegant fragrance for a festive gentleman, with a little bit of Belle L’Epoque nostalgia, and the artistry about French perfume savoir-faire, what about that? If you have that in mind as well, then please join me to discover the world of a reputed French perfume

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