Peaceful residences to remember – Axel Vervoordt ‘Portraits of Interiors’

Dear readers, not sure if it’s just the timing that is closer to Christmas, or simply a coincident, there are so many beautiful books released recently, and chief among them, is the new book by one of my beloved Belgian Interior Designer, Antiquarian and Collector, Mr. Axel Vervoordt, titled ‘Portraits of Interiors’, published by Flammarion, which I was exhilarated to have a first-hand preview of the new book, during one of their exhibition opening reception at Axel Vervoordt Gallery Hong Kong about weeks ago. An English oak Arts and Crafts folding table (c. 1920) and a nineteenth-century Swedish poplar and pine chair with traces of original paint in a sunroom/study area. “The home has perio

Sumptuous Oriental flair in Brazil - Jorge Elias’ new interior design project

Dear readers, not sure if it’s just me or the scent of the fallen leaves, the autumn of this year feels rather poetic, also, a bit ‘heavy’, what I mean ‘heavy’ here, is the density of autumn mood, from the color of the new menswear collection with lots of camel, khaki and even burgundy, then, the warm and intense expresso fragrant from the café on the sidewalk, and, a classic, dark wood interior that filled with rare and valuable antique furniture, objet d’Art and fresh, luxurious floral arrangement in the main salon. I cannot agree more that a beautifully decorated house is a perfect refuge for our body and soul, as well as a way of reflecting one’s personal style, and coming across the la

Sophisticated capture (through lens) - “A Wandering Eye – Travels with my phone” by Miguel Flores-Vi

Without any doubt, snapping photos with our cellphone has become one of our habit nowadays, adding countless of advanced apps available out there, almost anyone can become a self-made photographer. For sure, practice makes perfect, a beautiful photo might requires dozens of trials and practice, no matter it’s a styling shoot of your beloved polished suit, or a tranquil still-life shoot of the expresso that you are having with your novel, it’s all about mastering one’s technique, and more importantly, a sophisticated taste of capturing the object in certain angle, in the right moment, with a desirable illumination in the surrounding. One of the great example, should be the photography work

When Argentinian love story happens in Italy – ALTAIA fragrances, Rome

During a weekend morning when I was reorganizing my CD & DVD cabinet, getting rid of some old CDs and the ones that I have no longer listen and play, in a midst of the sorting process, one of my favorite CD album suddenly dropped in front of my knees, it’s the soundtrack of ‘Evita’, starred by Madonna back in 1996. I still remember how crazy I was about this beautiful movie, my obsession with the presentation of Madonna on portraying the late first lady of Argentina, with her impeccable style, dress and demeanor, which made the younger-me so fascinating to watch the movie at least a dozen times, then bought the book and the soundtrack, even listening to the songs repetitively back then! I

Hidden gem of French horology - Michel Herbelin, Charquemont

Dear readers, in the world of French know-how, we can count from wine to perfume making, then from couture to leather-goods with our ten fingers, but there is one category which has been neglected most of the time, is the French watch-making, in a way it is pretty fascinating to me as we tended to recognize the horology excellence from Switzerland much more, but as the matter of fact, the legacy of French watch-making is also as significant and noteworthy as the rest of the French know-how in their nation. That is the moment when I came across the quintessential French watch-making house, Michel Herbelin, that opens up a new way for me to look into French horology differently. The legacy of

Bible of fragrance – “Perfume Legends II” year 2019 edition by Michael Edwards, Fragrance Expert, Au

One of the most prominent fragrance expo, Pitti Fragranze, is just completed about weeks ago in Florence, but that doesn’t mean our passion of discovering new and sophisticated fragrance simply end there, while our desire keeps our eyes looking for the next it-fragrance for the new season, I am also keen on looking at it in another perspective, for example, from a comprehensive guidebook that is written by a fragrance expert, it might be even more intriguing than just sniffing a couple of perfume blotters at one’s hand. That is nothing more exciting and thrilled to learn about the latest perfume guide – ‘Perfume Legends II’ year 2019 Edition, written by the esteemed fragrance expert, Mr. Mi

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