French historic elegance unfolds - Sotheby’s Paris ‘La Collection Ribes’ Exhibition & Auction, P

After attending the Sotheby’s Autumn 2019 auction few weeks ago, I suddenly have a thought of re-watching one of my favorite movie - ‘W.E.’, directed by Madonna, which is about the enthusiasm young woman, Wally, who obsessed with the legendary fairytale love story of the late Duchess and Duke of Windsor. Just like Wally, I was obsessed with this movie (and the soundtrack too) because the story began to unfold by Wally’s obsession over the esteemed couple, through the Duke & Duchess’ auction exhibition held in Sotheby’s New York, with each rare and valuable items exhibited, it enables Wally to embed herself into the ups-&-downs of this couple’s journey, what they have gone through, and event

The modern elegance of writing – Thibierge Paris

Dear readers, since we mentioned about gift-giving from my last blog, I guess we are about to welcome another prominent festive day in the upcoming week, which is, the Thanksgiving day. I know it’s more a traditional thing for American households, yet, we can always find a way to express our gratitude to those we love and meaningful to our lives, not simply spending a warm and heart-felt evening over a big family dinner by the fireplace, but for those who are stuck at work from abroad, a hand-written letter or card can just as warm and heart-felted. Personally, I still like hand-writing, especially, in some very special occasion for a special someone, it’s much personal, intimate, and I al

Luxury craft and art - Pinel et Pinel, Paris

Dear readers, when it gets closer to December, I always like to do a couple of ‘Christmas shopping’ posts, even with the recent incident in my city that the shopping mood is not particularly high, but, that doesn’t mean we should not celebrate Christmas, given it’s a once-a-year thing. In between my writing, and doing a little shopping for some Christmas décor, a friend of mine dropped me a note one day, and told me about his new job working for a French luxury trunk maker brand, and accordingly, he invited me to the brand’s showroom for a quick tour to see the work, so, this is how I impressed by the superb craftsmanship by Pinel et Pinel Paris. In fact I came across this brand when passin

Cozy luxury - Men’s cashmere scarves by The Travelwrap Company, UK

Dear readers, among all the menswear accessories in my wardrobe, one of my favorite item, especially for winter time, is a soft and light-weight scarf, either it’s pure cashmere, silk-blended cashmere or pashmina, a comfortable cashmere scarf is a must-have wherever I go from day to night. Perhaps, it’s due to the ‘style addiction’ which I got from my retail career years when I was working with a reputed luxury cashmere brand, surrounded by all the exquisite and soft cashmere sweaters and scarves everyday which I did enjoy the comfortable indulgence, made by the luxurious, rare and comfortable cashmere fabrics, it truly warms up one’s heart by simply touching this soft, thermal and exquisit

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